Charcuterie Board 101

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Charcuterie 101

These boards started our whole business 5 years ago - they are very special to us, and we've picked up a couple tips + tricks how to fill yours up heading into the holiday season!
Speaking of how we started making these boards 5 years ago - instead of pulling a fresh new board to use, I chose to use one of my originals. One of the first boards we made - to show you that even with years of use and abuse, as long as you've taken care of them to some degree - they look absolutely lovely (burnt handle from getting too close to the stove top + all...)

1 - Start with the stars of the show. Two varieties is all you really need - keep things simple and un-fussy.

2 - The options are endless here: there are even vegan options to adorn your boards now! Our recommendation in this department is easy - quality over quantity - always. Not only are there vegan choices galore, there are some fantastic local farms making the most delicious and ethical/sustainable charcuterie... 

If you are lucky and they have it in stock, charcuterie from Three Ridges Ecological Farm is top notch - check their availability HERE.

3 - We have nothing against good old soda crackers - but when it is a special occasion, it just begs for a locally made baguette or gorgeous seeded crackers to add texture and interest to your board. Jams (sweet/savory) and mustards also add colour and unexpected flavours to your spread.

If you don't want to drop the big bucks for brand name seeded crackers - they are super easy to make (and dare we say... even better than store bought?!) Check out this recipe for "Harvest Crackers" from The Kitchn HERE.

4 - Don't stop at pickles and olives - putting bowls of kimchi or kraut will undoubtedly be a crowd pleaser. Same goes for choosing colourful pickled vegetables (#FTW)

5 - We always like to put something fresh on the board (usually fruit, but vegetables have a place here too!) to help balance out the richness/salt of the other ingredients presented - also the pop of colour is gorgeoussss.

6- If it isn't fun, why are you doing it? Go left field - get something enjoyable and unique to add. Something like honey comb, chocolate or your favourite trail mix to take your board to the next level.

7 - Speaking of chocolate... it's not all about charcuterie! Dessert boards are a nice way to make sure no one dines and dashes. It's an excuse to have another drink and visit a while longer. Because seriously, when you serve this to your guests... they won't be able to resist.

The sub text doesn't lie - you really must keep it simple - "less is more" 

9 - THEMES - not just for parties, also for serving board preparations... This may help you define what you purchase to serve your guests and take some of the stress out of it for you! Similarly, you can start with your favourite ingredient and make a game plan around that one item.


Charcuterie 101