London, Ontario

Get to know us

Devin (the "Miller") is the talented wood worker behind the company. A contractor by trade with amazing skills and creativity, Devin has been doing high end custom contract work since his teen years.
Jen (the "Co.") is in charge of keeping the business side of things running like a well oiled machine. From designs to being the face you'll see when you come into the show room, she runs all of the other day to day operations.
Currently, our team is enhanced by another dedicated craftsman and a stickler for detail. We are in the midst of creating a team of straight shooters who embody the core values of Miller & Co.
Bella came to us all the way from Alabama and can be found sunbathing on our loading dock in the warmer months as the official shop greater. Cooper is from our family’s dairy farm – he prefers to keep to himself in the workshop chewing all the sticks he can get his paws on.
The Evolution of Miller & Co.
Miller & Co. began with the concept of making highly figured (the patterns in the grain), solid handcrafted cutting/charcuterie boards and other small wood goods at the local Farmers' and Artisans' Market in London, Ontario.
From there, we started to kick it up and build the type of furniture we dreamed of having in our own home. Reclaimed wood with loads of patina and live edge slabs reminiscent of tall trees and hiking in the PNW.
At the market location, we only had enough room to showcase small furniture pieces, so to accommodate our love of making larger pieces and to really showcase the amazing Ontario wood we had/have access to, we opened our first brick and mortar location with our workshop and show room both on site.
The first year, after collaborating on two commercial projects simultaniously, the Miller & Co. front “show room” had to be closed for a month in order to complete what was (at that point in time) our largest projects to date – pushing the envelope of what our team of 2 could product in the space.
No strangers to hard work and a love for old, neglected buildings riddled with patina and character, we’ve found our 3,000+ square foot home centrally located in downtown London, Ontario.
Seeing what we do in person is the best way to fully get an idea of the quality and character of our work.
The shop is always open – if not literally, make an appointment. We’d love to have you stop by and share what we are up to.
- Jen & Devin